My first impression of Jasmin and Gianni was – this guy looks like Don Corleone from the Godfather series with his sunshades on.  Throw on a dapper suit and add in an Italian accent and he looks like a bona fide mafioso.  Their wedding was held in Düsseldorf.  The ring-bearer were their beloved dogs who were walked in by Jasmin’s sister.  Jasmin was very emotional throughout the entire time, laughing and crying a few tears of joy at the happy occasion.  The many guests who flew in from all over the world opted to stay in the beautifully decorated yard for the reception before heading inside for dinner.  After dinner, they proceeded back outside for games involving the couple and lots of vodka.  And as the stars took their place in the night sky, the image reminded me of a painting “Cafe Terrace at night” by Van Gogh.  This inspired the style with which I took and processed the images.  Even though they chose to do their portraits on another day after the wedding in order to spend more time with their guests, I spontaneously decided to do some with them at the end of the night.  The atmosphere made these images special, which just can’t be recreated.

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