Samantha and Michael celebrated their wedding with a close and intimate group at the gorgeous Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht.  Her relatives had flown in from Hawaii for this occasion.  Perched on top of a hill, the chateau has a gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside.  The restaurant is Michelin-starred, and famous for its cuisine.  The castle itself has a long and storied history which can be found here.

The sun shone on the group as they had the reception on the terrace of the Chateau.  The children had a lot of fun running around the garden in their formal clothes.  They then proceeded one of the private rooms in the castle for dinner where there were many emotional moments.  At one point Samantha just burst into tears because it was too much.  Dessert was a particular highlight for the children.  They went down to the kitchen and were each given a Chef hat.  They then had to create their own dessert with ice cream and various different toppings.

And the finale of the night was drinks at a bar / wine cellar crafted out of solid rock where they drank and danced the night away.



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