Angeline and Alex’s theme for their prewedding shoot was based on Wong Kar Wai’s Film “In the Mood for Love”.  They both loved the film and wanted a prewedding shoot with that mood and feel.  This was a challenge and I was more than happy to step up.  One, because I love the film and the rest of Wong Kar Wai’s works.  Two because it would be different and would stretch me creatively.

The shoot was done in Bern, Switzerland, and Singapore.  It’s not meant to be “pretty” as most other prewedding shoots tend to be like.  But more to show the mood, the melancholy, the atmosphere of the film.  Neither did I want to copy the frames from the film shot for shot, or have the couple pose like Maggie Cheung and Tong Leung in the movie, which would just be lazy.  I wanted to have the mood, but with the personalities and personal nuances of the couple involved in it.

I hope you like the result.


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