Two months before they were due to fly to Europe for their holiday, Hong Ngiap contacted me with a special request.  He wanted to surprise his girlfriend Cheryl,  by proposing to her at Neuschwanstein.  One requirement was that the castle had to be in the proposal shot.  We spent hours planning the little details of the plan.  Where, when and how.  Cheryl wasn’t supposed to be an idea that anything was going to happen, so we came up with a story for them to go to this particular location.  I pretended to be a tourist – it’s easy when you’re asian, carrying a camera, and in a hotspot for tourists.  🙂 . A thunderstorm was forecasted that day and inbetween the rains, there was a 15 minute window which we used.  Needless to say, she was happily surprised and said YES!  After that we went to the alpine lakes around Neuschwanstein for a couple shoot.



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